About the municipality

Area: 7.886 km2.

Population: 6.300, 2000 in central Pajala.

Villages: 92 (which 82 are habited).

Closest municipalities: Kolari, Finland, 30 kilometers, Rovaniemi, Finland, 150 kilometers, Gällivare: 150 kilometers, Kiruna 180 kilometers and Luleå 220 kilometers.

Rivers: Torne, Tärendö, Muonio, Kalix and Lainio.

Biggest employer: Pajala municipality

Industries: Tourism, health care, forestry, culture and events.

Curiosities: On Soltorget (direct translation Sun Square) in the centre of the village stands one of the worlds biggest sundials with a diameter of 38,33 meters.

Pajala is located in Norrbotten about 100 kilometers north of the arctic circle. We have sunlight all day long between the first of june and twelweth of july.

For more information contact our tourist office.

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